The restaurant at the Island is called Na Domoro. Na Domoro means ”come and eat” in Mandinka. In Sita Joyeh we serve only the best. For dinner we have a tasty menu including both typical Gambian dishes and dishes of more ”European style”. We always have at least one vegeterian dish. We also serves local produced vegetables, meat and fresh fish. We use fresh commodities to make the food a little bit better and a little bit more tasty than you expect. 

Baobab juice and Wonjo juice


For breakfast we serve a middle sized buffet including: 

Coffee, tea, bread, butter, omelette, boiled eggs, sardins with onions and pepper (the Gambian way) and Baobab juice or Wonjo juice and a small plate of fruit salad

For lunch we have a lovely buffet with different dishes for all tastes. 

Our Dinner menu:


Meatpie – Small pie filled with minced cow meat and some hot pepper
Fishpie – Small pie filled with fish and hot pepper
Hotfried shrimps – What the name says

Main dishes:

Benachin – a typical Gambian dish. Benachin means ”one cooking pot”

Fish Yassa – Gambian, tasteful dish with onions, fresh fish, served with rice
Benachin – Very common dish in Gambia. This comes with meat, rice and vegetables. Benachin means ”one cooking pot”
Chicken and chips – Fried chicken with fresh vegetables, served with chips/fries
Lamb Afra – Grilled lamb in a tasteful marinade of mustard and onions, served with rice or chips/fries or bread
Green Taste – Vegeterian dish with fresh vegetables and surprisingly tasteful surprise

Fruit Salad


Chachry – Gambian dessert, sweet and a little tart with couscous and different kind of dairy products
Ice Cream – Served with banana, whipped cream and some chocolate sauce
Panketo (with ice cream) – Gambian deap fried dough, served with ice cream
Fruit Salad – Served as a generous plate of fruit salad with orange, banana, mango, pineapple, coconut and sweet cakes of groundnuts