Lamin Darboe , CEO of Sita Joyeh

Lamin Darboe is the CEO at Sita Joyeh. Lamin Darboe is the father of nine children and born in Gambia. He is originally from the village of Kuloro in Gambia. His mother and father are still living in the village of Kuloro. Lamin Darboe was also brought up a part of his life in Sweden by a woman from Finland, who passed away in 1997. She use to tell Lamin: ”Giving people money in the hand will not help people. But give them an opportunity to work, thats what can really change peoples lifes”. Lamin Darboe manages the Island Sita Joyeh as a family business.

Lamin Darboe’s vision of Sita Joyeh is to give back to the village Kuloro, where he was born. The vision is to share the African culture with the whole world and also to create work opportunities for people in the village, so that they can feed their families and hopefully change their lives in the long run. Lamin Darboe loves the nature and the peace of mind the nature and the Island Sita Joyeh is giving him. Lamin have created the silent and peaceful environment in Sita Joyeh and the focus is on ECO-tourism. He wants to share that feeling of peacefulness with everyone who might love it as much as he loves it.


Britt Lusi, manager of Sita Joyeh

Britta Lusi is the manager of Sita Joyeh and also Lamin Darboes mother-in-law. Britta Lusi has been traveling to and living in Gambia on and off since 1986. Gambia has become her second home. Britta has run her own businesses in Sweden in different professions. Latest she managed a business as a drug and alcohol therapist. Britta origins from the North part of Sweden and the tribe Samer.

Britta Lusi has two children, six grandchildren and one great-grandchild. Britta will do her best for our guests to feel welcomed at the Island and cater a pleasant stay at Sita Joyeh. Britta Lusi is a very fair and strict elderly woman with a big, loving heart for people.


Fatou Darboe, editor and advertising manager

Fatou Darboe is the editor and responsible for the website and social media concerning Sita Joyeh. She is also the marketer for the Island. Fatou Darboe is also the wife of Lamin Darboe and she’s the mother of four children and grandmother to one grandson. Fatou Darboe has traveled to and lived in Gambia on and off since the age of 15.

Fatou Darboe is the founder of the web magazine Afropé and also the editor-in-chief. The magazine was founded in 2012. She is also an award winning blogger in Sweden since 2005. She is also a creative person and a great entrepreneur.


Abdul Karim

Abdul Karim have been a part of the Island since 2000. He knows anything that is worth knowing about the Island. Abdul have a lots of knowledge about the birds and other animals as well.



Madeliene Jarjue Sonko

Madeliene Jarjue Sonko is the housewife of Sita Joyeh.





Pabi Batchilly

Pabi Batchilly is the driver of the boats and cars.




Buba Touray

Buba Touray is working at the Island.






Fatou is working in the restaurant.








Sita Joyeh Crew











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